Impala Loin with Springbok Carpaccio


600g Impala Loin, trimmed

160g Smoked Springbok Carpaccio

25g Dijon Mustard

450g Tomato Pronto

10g Fresh Basil, chopped

Mash Flakes


8 Garlic Cloves

120g Asparagus Tips

120g Baby Button Mushrooms, whole

100g Red Onion, sliced

10g Chives, chopped

50g Butter

Balsamic Glaze

Salt and Pepper

12 Whole chives and 4 Basil Sprigs


Rub the trimmed impala loin evenly with the dijion mustard. Wrap the Springbok carpaccio neatly around the loin. Seal in a hot pan and cooked in a moderated oven for 4-6 minutes. Allow to rest Place the tomato pronto into a pot and add the chopped basil and allow to simmer. Blend the pronto slightly to produce more of a sauce. Season Roast the garlic cloves until soft and remove the skin. Crush the garlic cloves and add to the prepared Knorr mash. Mix well and season Melt the butter in a hot pan and saute the spring onions and mushrooms, add the asparagus and chopped chives and season Place the garlic mash neatly onto a hot plate and spoon the vegetables neatly on top Spoon the tomato pronto nealty next to the vegetables and mash Slice the meat evenly and arrange on top of the tomato pronto Garnish with the basil sprig and whole chives

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