Edward Clegg-Michael Angelo Hotel

After qualifying at Bournemouth College in UK, Edward returned to his home in South Africa to take up a position at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town with Garth Stroebel. After working with Chef Stroebel for some time, he transferred Edward up to the Westcliff Hotel Johannesburg where Edward first met and worked with Chef Andrew Atkinson.  The pair then went on to work together at the Castle Kyalami and then the Michelangelo Hotel.  As well as being a member of Culinary Team South Africa, Edward has recently started his own company, Dinner Boys, where he hosts and caters for an assortment of events, ranging from chefs tables to dinner parties.

What is your philosophy on food?

Good clean flavours, fresh produce, love and care

What inspired you to become a chef?

The love of food and being able to make people happy.  The pressure in a busy kitchen just gets into your blood

Globally, which chef do you admire?

Raymond Bland and Neil Perry

If you couldn’t be a chef, what profession would you ideally take up?

Anything using my hands and working with people

What was your worst culinary catastrophe?

Burning 300 mince pies half an hour before a big function

What is your fondest memory in a kitchen?

The day I got to run the pass on my own for the first time

What do you eat for breakfast?


What dish would you cook to seduce someone?

Strawberries and cream with melted chocolate – less cooking time and more time for other things

What do you never cook?

Brussel sprouts

What is the one dish you find hard to get right?

A really good and balanced Indian curry

In your opinion, who is the most famous person you have cooked for?

Richard Branson

Gas or induction?


Sweet or savoury?


Summer or Winter?


Comedy or drama?


Ice-cream or sorbet?


Thomas Keller or Heston Blumenthal?

Thomas Keller

Who is your most influential historical figure?

Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk

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