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In every moment of every working day in over sixty countries there is a member of the Unilever Food Solutions team working in partnership with a catering operator to make their business more successful.

This unrivalled reach brings real benefits. It creates a unique depth of understanding of the challenges faced by operators large and small across both well-established and fast developing markets.

We want to share the knowledge gathered on our journey through this wonderfully diverse market to help make your business even more successful now and in the future.

Trend Watch holds up a mirror to the eating out market.

The trends and insights  it reflects can help you understand more about your guests and how they make decisions and choices when eating out.

Our aim is to inspire and  show how a deep understanding of your guests can keep your business evolving and successful.

This first issue examines  three of the top eating out trends relevant across the world. The importance that guests attach to quality, value and healthier choices.
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Fine Foods of Unilever Food Solutions Carte D'Or of Unilever Food Solutions Lipton of Unilever Food Solutions Flora of Unilever Food Solutions Meadowland of Unilever Food Solutions Marvello of Unilever Food Solutions Hellmanns of Unilever Food Solutions Robertson of Unilever Food Solutions Knorr of Unilever Food Solutions