Guests views and opinions on 'quality' can really vary depending on where they are, the occasion and who they are eating with. It can be a difficult concept to pin down.

Yet, research shows that 'overall experience' is the most important factor when it comes to choosing to eat in one restaurant over another.* This supports the idea the successful operators should really be looking to boost quality in every aspect of their business. From ingredients to menus, front of house service to facilities, making real quality improvements impresses guests and contributes to the fantastic experience they are looking for.

Guests’ quality expectations are rising, even among the less adventurous groups. They are asking more about the food they are eating and making more considered choices. It’s time to think about quality in all aspects of your business.

*Peach Factory Food Trends 2010

What is driving the trend?

• Fresh and Natural

Consumers associate natural ingredients with quality. 47% of consumers agreed with the statement "my impression of a restaurant will improve if I know they buy fresh ingredients".

Economic American Express
Market Brief

• Great Expectations

From fashion to food, consumers are looking for an "experience". This is as much about the quality of the food, as it is about the location, ambiance and service.

• The Media

The huge popularity of cooking programmes, celebrity chefs, cook books and high profile destination restaurants, have put culinary expertise into the mainstream. Consumers have a heightened awareness of global cuisines, ingredients, cooking methods and quality.


How this is emerging in the market?

• Brands that are "passionate about quality"

The increasing success of restaurants that pride themselves on fresh, natural ingredients.

 Fresh, natural and pure

On menus Fresh labelling has increased, and we expect menus in the future to feature heavily with fresh foods, locally named producers and artisan ingredients.

 The "Experience" of eating out

The consumer desire for a dining experience can be seen at the top end of the market, right through to successful commercial operations in staff feeding where the consumer watches their meal cooked fresh in front of them.

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