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Purchase any of the below products between the 1st of July and the 31th of October 2018 and earn triple the amount of Loyalty Points to redeem for amazing rewards.


116 696
R116,00 Product Price
110 660
R110,00 Product Price

CARTE D’OR White Chocolate Mousse

Carte D'Or White Chocolate Mousse 1kg

134 804
R134,00 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Tiramisu

Carte D'Or Tiramisu, 1kg

102 612
R102,00 Product Price

CARTE D’OR Multi-purpose Hot Pudding Mix

Carte D'Or Multi-Purpose Hot Pudding Mix 1kg

90 540
R90,00 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Cheesecake

Carte D'Or Cheesecake 1kg

135 810
R135,00 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Brownie Mix

Carte D'Or Brownie Mix 1kg

126 756
R126,00 Product Price