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When stress happens, it is important to acknowledge it and more importantly, deal with it. Use these practical tips from our partner, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG Call the FairKitchens Helpline anytime on 0800 006 333.


Take care of yourself: 

Get enough rest and eat well. If you are irritable and tense from lack of sleep or if you are not eating correctly, you will be less capable to deal with stressful situations. If stress repeatedly keeps you from sleeping, you should ask your doctor for help.

Knowing your limits: 

If a problem is beyond your control and cannot be changed at the moment, don’t fight the situation. Learn to accept what is, for now, until such time when you can change it.

Make time for fun: 

Seems a bit obvious but why not try schedule time for play as well as work. Play can be just as important to your well-being as work; you need a break from your daily routine to just relax and have fun.

Check off your tasks: 

Trying to take care of everything at once can seem overwhelming, and, as a result, you may not accomplish anything. Instead, make a list of what tasks you have to do, then do them one at a time, checking them off as they are completed. 

Must you always be right? 

Do other people upset you, particularly when things aren’t going your way? Try co-operation instead of confrontation; it’s better than fighting and always being ‘right’. 

Create a quiet scene:

You can’t always run away, but you can “dream the impossible dream”. Change the scene by reading a book or playing beautiful music to create a sense of peace or tranquility.

Avoid self-medication: 

Although you can use prescription or over-the-counter medication to relieve stress temporarily, they don’t remove the conditions that caused the stress in the first place. They should only be taken on the advice of your doctor.

Share your stress: 

It helps to talk to someone about your concerns or worries. Maybe a friend, family member, someone at work, or the FairKitchens Helpline, can help you see your problem in a different light. Knowing when to ask for help may avoid more serious problems later.

More than just the "blues"

Life is full of emotional ups and downs and everyone experiences the "blues" from time to time. But when the "down" times are long lasting or interfere with an individual’s ability to function at home or at work, that person may be suffering from a common, serious illness – depression, anxiety or both.

It is important to remember that experiencing depression or anxiety is okay. That is why FairKitchens and SADAG partnered to create the FairKitchens 24/7 toll-free helpline – available to you, any time you need to talk.

All calls are confidential and you can remain completely anonymous. 

Call 0800 006 333 at any time

As well as free telephone counselling, callers can also access further services through the helpline such as nearby support groups, crisis interventions and face-to-face counselling. You don’t have to negotiate this trying time alone.

Content supplied by South African Depression and Anxiety Group. For more information visit