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When it comes to delivery, it turns out there are tried-and-tested favourites. Our expert team of Chefs provide tips on the most popular dishes your diners are looking for, and learn new methods that will make them come back for more!

The Stoner Pizza

#1 Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good pizza night? Aside from offering customisation options, upgrade your guests pizza options by trying new and innovative options. The key ingredient to any great pizza is in the sauce - here is a Basic Pizza Base Sauce to get started.

Get inspired with some of our pizza recipes - The Stoner, Ratatouille, Halloumi and Basil Pesto Pizza, The Mother Clucker, Pulled Chicken with Brie, Coriander Pesto and Citrus Pizza and The Med, Mediterranean Mix With Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese.  

DELIVERY TIP: Offer additional toppings with pizzas so everyone in the family can build their own pizza or experiment with different dipping sauces.

Beef Burger

#2 Burger and Chips

The options with burgers are endless, from the traditional Beef Burger, suitable for the whole family, to a more health conscious Lentil Burger. There is also the option to make the meal more nutritious for kids by swapping out traditional chips with sweet potato fries. 

CHEF TIP: Flavour your burgers your way with signature sauces. Add a twist of blue cheese, roasted red pepper, basil pesto or Paprika to make your own burger mayo. 

DELIVERY TIP: Pack any additional sauces separately to prevent the burger and chips from becoming soggy. 

BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters

#3 Chicken 

South African's love chicken, and there are so many wonderful styles that you can bring your own style to, from fried, grilled, spicy and family meals, the possibilities are endless.

These Smoky BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters can be suitable for the whole family served with a salad and chips, or sweet potato wedges for a more health conscious version. Crumbed chicken strips and chips make the ideal kids meal, or for an indulgent treat there is Deep Fried Chicken.

CHEF TIP: Add your own signature dipping sauce as an additional extra to the chicken dish for extra flavour. Package the chicken separately to the sides in order to maintain crispiness.

Fish and chips

#4 Fish and Chips

From a great value dish, to a nutritious meal, fish offers so much variety to diners and Chefs alike. Beer battered fish is a favourite among diners and this dish will not disappoint, get the recipe for A Fishy Affair. Or for the more health conscious there is Gluten Free Fish and Chips or Pan-Fried Hake with Sweet Potato Chips and Baby Marrow Ribbons.

DELIVERY TIP: Package fish separately, and if fried, wrap in grease proof paper. Put sauces into separate containers and chips in a separate package or compartment.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta

#5 Pasta Dishes

There is one big gourmet player you shouldn’t leave off your menu, and that is pasta. Offer your customers the taste of Italy with classic recipes with a twist: Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta, and Burst Baby Tomatoes and Saucy Spaghetti. Try make your own Italian-inspired meals like Gourmet Smoking Gammon with Cavatappi Pasta.

CHEF TIP: You've met the Italian Godfathers, just remember the best is canned in Knorr Professional Tomato Pronto, and it's available for order via Webshop with Loyalty Points for you to earn on each order made. Don't hold back, get your Culinary Inner Circle's ingredients today.

DELIVERY TIP: One of the most important things is making sure your dishes travel well. Pasta continues to cook in the box and the sauce may dry during delivery. Test your pasta dishes and make adjustments, either add more sauce or undercook the pasta slightly to allow for cooking during delivery.

Honey & Soy Chicken, Noodle Stir-Fry

#6 Stir-Fries

Another healthy family favourite, a hearty stir-fry can be offered in bulk as part of a meal deal. Or it can be made customisable by offering your diners add-on options to make it their own. Get inspired with Chicken Stir-Fry Bowl or you can make your own Honey & Soy Chicken, Noodle Stir-Fry recipe with a different protein.

CHEF TIP: Use easy and practical shelf-stable products to help your labour and prep time. You can also upgrade your stir-fry offerings with add-ons like extra noodles, rice and luxury ingredients like roasted cashews and exotic mushrooms.

DELIVERY TIP: Make sure your dressings and sauces are in a separate containers to avoid spoiling during delivery.

Curried Lentils and Avocado Wrap

#7 Salads and Wraps

For the health-conscious diner, salads and wraps are always a go-to meal. They enjoy a variety of flavours and textures and maintain great nutrition. A lovely vegetarian option is Honey and Mustard Broccoli and Apple Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Get inspired with the Moroccan Rice Salad with Toasted Cumin, Coriander Honey & Mustard Dressing which can be served with a protein such as lamb or the Curried Lentils and Avocado Wrap.

CHEF TIP: Serve dressing in a take-away container on the side. Salads and wraps can be served in a grab-and-go container portioned accordingly.

Single serve dressings are great to offer during this time. Hellmann’s offers a variety such as Hellmann’s Creamy Salad Dressing Sachets making salads travel-friendly.

Lamb Potjie Bunny Chow

#8 Curries and Stews

The love of curries and stews is in the DNA of every South African. Serve local favourites such as Lamb Potjie Bunny Chow or add your own twist to favourites like Pak Choi Curry.

CHEF TIP: Everyone wants comfort food right now and classics like a Hearty Chicken Stew use essential ingredients you already have to keep pantry costs down. It will bring that comfort home and keep diners ordering more.


Classy Beefed-Up Roast

#9 Sunday Roasts with Vegetables and Starch

Whether it’s Sunday or your diners are just looking for the simple pleasures in life, Sunday Roast is a takeout-friendly offering that you can dress up with tasty vegetables. Try a Classy Beefed-Up Roast with a side of Roast Vegetable, Kale and Cashew Bowl or make Sunday more elegant with Lamb Loin with Warm Salad of Mixed Beans and Slow Roast Tomatoes.

CHEF TIP: Dress up your veggies with Robertsons Veggie Seasoning. 1 tub seasons ±77kg of mixed vegetables and will have your diners ordering more!

Blazing Butternut

#10 Side Dishes to Upsell Comfort Foods

Plain sides are so last year .... It’s time to make way for the new Sides! If your main looks like it needs some new life, then look at your sides and that, my friend, can take your business to new delivery heights. Be inventive. Be creative.

Get inspired with Jam Packed Potatoes, Blazing Butternut, and of course Loaded Fries!

CHEF TIP: Showstopping sides can steal the show! Look at developing your own menu favourite that can be sold separately or added onto main meals.