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We know that budgets are under pressure and that that every Chef wants to serve quality dishes on their menu that their guest will love. 

We have a sauce for every budget. Cost-effective and easy to use, they are the perfect base to add your individual flavour. They’re ready-to-use and convenient, so you can make it when and how you need it, without having to worry about any wastage

Our range of brown sauces are versatile, designed to keep your costs low and your yield high, with consistency you can rely on. 

Take a look at the costs you save and the time you gain when you choose our sauces instead of making them from scratch.

Knorr Jus
Knorr Brown Sauce
Knorr Demi-Glace
Knorr Roast Onion Gravy

Check out our recipe inspiration to get ideas on how to use these four sauces!

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Knorr Brows Sauce Base

Knorr Professional Brown Sauce Gravy

A versatile sauce base with a tasty scratch-like meaty flavour, perfect for creating easy and diverse dishes. 

Pork Shoulder Honey Mustard Tarragon Sauce 

Decked-Out Medallions

Roast Onion Gravy

Knorr Professional Roast Onion Gravy

Instant and versatile, perfect for serving multiple warm and diverse dishes with consistent authentic flavour. 

Lamb Flank with Butterscotch Roast Onion Gravy

Classy Beefed-Up Roast

Knorr Demi-Glace Base

Knorr Professional Demi-Glace

The perfect base to create tasty sauce derivatives. It cooks in 5 mins, saving you time and giving you consistent taste every time. 

Fleshy Cranberry, Bacon and Boerewors-Stuffed Chicken Dressed in a Lush Demi- Glace

Mysterious Rib Eye

Knorr Jus

Knorr Professional Jus

The perfect base sauce for every Chef to add your signature flavour, with a consistent taste and dark brown sheen colour every time. 

Fired-Up Picanha

Shoulder of Lamb Cinnamon Cola Jus