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For Chefs like Lesego Semenya, AKA LesDaChef, cooking with natural ingredients is non-negotiable. That's why he was so excited when Knorr released their new Aromat Naturally Tasty formulation, now made with 100% all-natural herbs and spices.

"The more natural the ingredients, the more tasty the dish,” explained Chef Les. “Plus, consumers want real, genuine ingredients, so as Chefs we have to step up our game and give that to them. That's why Knorr Aromat Naturally Tasty is so awesome. It's a dream to me."

LesDaChef, cookbook author, Top Chef South Africa judge, owner of LesDaChef Culinary Solutions and Executive Chef to the rich and famous, is definitely one of the coolest Chefs in the country.

We spent a few minutes with him recently, talking about all things natural, all things tasty and all things LesDaChef!


Born & raised?

Career history?
I've been a Chef for 10 years now – before that I was an engineer.

What kind of Chef are you?
I trained as a fine-dining Chef, but I now focus more on Afro-fusion.

Biggest accomplishments?

  1. My first-ever cookbook – DIJO. It's full of nostalgia, crazy concepts and some cheffy things too. I didn't want to write a typical cookbook and I hope I got it right!
  2. I was a Top Chef South Africa judge
  3. I catered for the British High Commission and Liverpool FC
  4. For the 2010 Soccer World Cup, my pie was voted the Official Pie of visiting British football fans by the British High Commission
  5. I've catered for numerous local and international families, and been asked to be the ambassador of wonderful whiskey and food brands.

What does food mean to you?
I am passionate about it. Also passionate about educating as many South Africans as possible about food and the culinary industry.

Your thoughts on natural ingredients?
You want things that taste like what they are. For me, using natural ingredients is really important – from an environmental and quality of food standpoint.

Your thoughts on Aromat Naturally Tasty?
Awesome. It's a dream to me. It's a loved South African flavour, and now totally natural.