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Although many Chefs focus on starters and mains, it’s important to remember that there is a significant profit opportunity with desserts. The trick is knowing how to make and serve your desserts to keep them as high quality but as low-cost as possible. Do this by using the Carte d’Or range of desserts and by keeping up to date with dessert trends.

Research from Technomic*, the food industry research specialist, has shown that there are a few global trends emerging when it comes to desserts.

Fifty-eight perecent of desserts are purchased on impulse, which means adding a well-loved branded ingredient can be an easy way to get attention and sell.

  • Consider offering double chocolate brownies, or tea infused panna cotta, for example.

Today’s most preferred desserts are brownies (67%), apple pie (65%) and chocolate cake (59%).

Diners love DIY. Think of ideas like dessert nachos, with sweet pieces of pastry and delicious dipping sauces.

Sharing is caring. Shareable plates allow diners to enjoy a little sweet something without committing to a full dessert.

Mini-desserts are a thing. Think of miniature chocolate brownies and sticky toffee puddings. Maybe even offer a dessert tasting menu.

Upsell – pair your desserts with dessert wine and get your waiters to hype the idea. When it comes to pairing, bear the following in mind:

  • Acidity: acidic drinks go well with fruity or citrus desserts.
  • Intensity: intensely flavoured wines go well with rich desserts. Think port with a rich flourless chocolate cake.
  • Sweetness: dessert wines should be sweeter than the dessert.