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Founded in Paris exclusively for Chefs in 1978, Carte d’Or is still an innovator in high quality, convenience desserts and sauces. Here’s how Carte d’Or can help you at your restaurant.

You know you’ve got to offer desserts on your menu, but:

  1. You have no time to make or plan exciting desserts.
  2. You’re not that experienced in dessert.
  3. You’ve got no Pastry Chef.
  4. Your budget is tight.
  5. You’re worried about consistency and quality.
  6. You don’t feel particularly inspired about desserts.


  1. Our desserts take minutes to make, and usually require just 3 – 4 steps.
  2. No experience is required to make our desserts!
  3. No skill required – pass the job to your line Chefs while you focus on plating and garnish!
  4. Our products give you many portions per pack, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.
  5. Our products will give you high quality, delicious desserts time after time.
  6. Our range can provide you with endless creations.