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Your diners enjoy ending off a meal with a dessert. The statistics prove it. According to Technomic*, the food industry research specialist:

Dessert options
  • 63% of consumers indulge in desserts once a week.
  • 40% of consumers say they’re eating desserts twice a week.
  • 78% of consumers say they’re likely to eat dessert to treat themselves.
  • 36% of consumers say they’ll order dessert if a mini-portion is available.

For restaurants, desserts have a significant profit opportunity. With low-cost ingredients and high selling prices, there is money to be made with dessert. This is especially true with Carte d’Or. Our desserts can be made quickly and easily by anyone, and be used in multiple ways.

  • Classic bases: add your own signature touch.
  • Quick and easy to make: saves you time.
  • No artificial colourants.**
  • Ensures consistency across multiple dishes.
  • Delicious flavour and scratch-like texture.