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Happiness is milkshakes. There is something special about sharing a cold, sweet ice cream drink with a loved one. It’s one of the reasons why milkshakes have always been such a popular beverage choice for foodpreneurs. Here are a few more reasons why you should focus on your milkshake menu

  • Milkshakes are always in demand – guests love them!
  • Milkshakes appeal to all ages.
  • Milkshakes increase your profits: they have a low cost, high profit potential.
  • Milkshakes are quick and easy to make, especially with our range of syrups.

Connect to your guests on an emotional level by giving them unforgettable milkshake moments. With Carte d’Or’s range of milkshake syrups it’s never been easier.

Plus, check out this video from Black Tap restaurant in the USA. Their decision to include milkshakes on their menu had a hugely positive effect on their bottom line!