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Making divine desserts with Carte d’Or has never been easier!


A new-look range deserves some sweet new flavours. Introducing the brand-new Carte d’Or Chocolate Lava Cake. They’re decadent, delicious and easy to make. What’s not to love?

Carte d’Or Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Made with real cocoa for rich, chocolate flavour.
  • Guaranteed molten centre every time.*
  • No artificial colourants.
  • Can be prepared in advance.
  • Bake from fridge or room temperature.
  • 800 g yields 12 x 150 ml portions.


Carte d’Or is committed to sustainability, which is why our packaging is recyclable and reusable. Another great reason to use Carte d’Or as your preferred dessert partner!

Please recycle - Carte d’Or is committed to sustainability