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Using Joko 100% Pure Rooibos in Different Ways

To celebrate the incredible cuisine of South Africa and the incredible flavour of Joko 100% Pure Rooibos, our Chefs collaborated to create a collection of recipes, featuring a proudly South African product – Rooibos. These recipes are typically South African, but with an exciting Rooibos twist. Here, we hear from the Chefs first-hand on their experience of cooking with Rooibos.

Chef Craig Elliot
Executive Chef Unilever Food Solutions SA

“As Chefs, working for Chefs, we share your passion for food. There is nothing we love more to do than create innovative, exciting recipes with ingredients like Joko 100% Rooibos. It inspires us, and I hope it inspires you too.”

Chef Mary Worthington
Regional Customer Chef – Durban

“I loved working with Joko 100% Pure Rooibos in my sweet dishes. Desserts took on the flavour of Rooibos beautifully. Cream, milk and sugar especially complements the flavours of Rooibos. While working on this project I also realised that you don’t always have to cook with Rooibos. Simply adding it to butter icing, for example, can add stunning flavour and texture.”

Chef Heidi Heckmann
Regional Customer Chef – Cape Town

“What we all loved about Rooibos is how easily it can mix with other ingredients. Lavender, citrus, ginger, honey… the flavour combinations are actually endless, which makes it such an exciting and versatile ingredient. You can do so much with Rooibos, especially when it’s such high-quality.”

Chef Pinky Linah Maruping
Regional Customer Chef – Gauteng

“You can go really big with Rooibos, which I find really exciting. Heat it in a pan or put it in the microwave for 45 seconds to activate the flavours and you can use it with anything. Even as a seasoning! Infuse Rooibos for maximum colour, flavour and texture. With Joko 100% Rooibos, the world really is your oyster!”

Chef Tebogo Ramatsui
Regional Customer Chef – Gauteng

“Rooibos as we know it is becoming more trendy, more popular. So this recipe book is bang on in terms of timing. Sometimes we don’t think to use something as common as Rooibos in our recipes. We see it as a tea occasion ingredient only. But add Rooibos to biscuits, tarts, hollandaise, and as part of a crust, and you have a wholly different dish.”


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