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Chefs adding a Rooibos twist to South African classics

South Africa’s food is as varied as its people. Our melting pot culture has resulted in a diverse gastronomical landscape that has been influenced by cuisines from places such as India, Malaysia, China, Europe and the rest of Africa.

However, the indigenous cuisine of South Africa has had an equally important part to play in the formation of our foodie culture. Knowledge of wild plants and herbs has passed down through the generations and these indigenous ingredients continue to play an integral part in our food production today.

This collision of international and traditional cuisine has resulted in a unique, exciting and dynamic food culture that can be found nowhere else on earth.

To celebrate this incredible cuisine, our Chefs have collaborated to create a collection of recipes, featuring a proudly South African product – Rooibos. These recipes are typically South African, but with an exciting Rooibos twist. We hope they inspire you to experiment with this local ingredient. Enjoy!