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It’s the strength of Africa in every cup

Here’s a top-quality 100% Pure Rooibos that will make every tea occasion more special. This high-quality grade Rooibos has a strong, undiluted flavour, which translates beautifully as a hot beverage, or as an ingredient in both savoury and sweet dishes. Joko enveloped 100% Pure Rooibos is the strength of Africa in every cup.

Here’s why Joko enveloped 100% Pure Rooibos is the perfect choice for your establishment:

Double chambered, individually enveloped teabags for a strong quality experience.

Hygienically presented.

Perfect Serve presentable for boardroom and visitor tea stations.

It’s made from 100% pure Rooibos – no granules present.

It provides a strong, undiluted flavour.

High-quality Rooibos grade.

Diners will enjoy a pleasant mouth feel.

A proudly African brand with a strong heritage; your local and international diners will love it.

Versatile – can be used in multiple applications.

To demonstrate the versatility of Joko 100% Pure Rooibos, eight of our top Chefs created 20 stunning Rooibos-infused recipes – just for you!
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