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Situated on the pristine coastline of KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, Chantilly Resort prides itself on providing its international and local guests with an experience they’ll never forget. From upmarket accommodation and delectable cuisine to private bomas and beach shuttles, Chantilly Resort is the ultimate seaside getaway.

However, what sets Chantilly Resort apart from its competitors is the attention to detail shown by staff and management. Even something as seemingly small as tea is taken as seriously as dinner service.

"When guests are relaxing in their rooms or in the shared lounges, they expect a luxury experience. That’s why we offer them Joko enveloped tea," explained Michelle Szmyrgala, General Manager of Chantilly.

"The teabags are tagged and individually enveloped, which is not only more hygienic, but also more attractive. The quality of tea is also outstanding – Joko Black Tea is strong and robust, while the 100% Pure Rooibos gives our guests the undiluted flavour of home. It’s the perfect tea choice for our establishment," she concluded.

Find out more about Michelle’s thoughts on the new Joko enveloped range by watching the video below!