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Grown exclusively in the small mountainous area of Cederberg in the Western Cape, Rooibos has been a popular beverage in South Africa for centuries. Now loved worldwide for its flavour and its health benefits, Rooibos is a delicious, naturally caffeine-free alternative to black and green teas. Joko 100% Pure Rooibos is a strongly flavoured, more refined Rooibos grade, with none of the granules present in competitor products. This makes for a more intensely delicious beverage, with a more pleasing mouth feel and lighter liquor.

But Joko 100% Pure Rooibos is not perfect for just a tea occasion. It’s a versatile ingredient that can add a unique and delicious flavour to savoury and sweet dishes too. Chefs can toast or microwave Rooibos to activate the flavours, or even steep it in cold milk overnight to impart its unique flavour. Joko 100% Pure Rooibos can even be used as a seasoning in dishes!

To demonstrate the versatility and flavour of Joko 100% Pure Rooibos and its exceptional ability to pair with both savoury and sweet dishes, our team of eight experienced and passionate Chefs has worked together to produce twenty stunning recipes that will delight every diner. These recipes will inspire you to create exceptional dishes made with a truly South African ingredient. It’s a true celebration of our heritage.

View the recipes, here!