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A range of high-quality blended teas, suited to your every mood. Our exciting blends of infusions, black and green teas will help you stay focused, feel refreshed, keep you calm and boost your energy, depending on your selection.


Staying focused helps you get the most out of life. Keep your focus with Lipton’s Classic Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea. The combination of amino acid L-theanine and caffeine improves cognitive function, giving you improved accuracy and alertness.


Need that mid-afternoon energy boost? Our Pure Black Ceylon and Intense Mint Green tea will provide your body with a healthy dose of caffeine, boosting your alertness and attention, while giving you the shot of energy you need.


Feel refreshed all day by keeping hydrated. Without hydration, you’ll experience chronic fatigue and a reduced attention span. Our African Rooibos tea and Juicy Forest Fruits infused black tea are delicately flavoured; containing antioxidants, amino acids and phenolic acids which help to accelerate rehydration.


A calm mind is the best weapon against your challenges. It’s a super power that keeps you positive, clear-headed and productive. Our two calming teas – Camomile and Honey Flavour and Delicate Mint – are natural stress relievers, reducing your blood pressure and body temperature, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Are you a Food & Beverage manager, responsible for buying tea for your professional establisment? Contact the tea specialist closest to you for more information.

Johannesburg | Nelspruit
Beverly MacIntosh
082 462 2222

Durban | Bloemfontein
Matt Jordaan
060 980 9440

Cape Town | Port Elizabeth | George
Christine Schoeman
082 466 8446

Available exclusively through our tea specialist trade partner, Del Trade.