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Individually enveloped for a strong quality experience

With a rich heritage in tea, Joko has been providing South Africans with a strong flavoured, high-quality tea for over 100 years. This is because master blenders at Joko select only the best leaves to deliver that strong, rich flavour in every sip. Brewed from only the finest African leaves, Joko tea is the strength of Africa in every cup.

To meet operator demands, the Unilever Food Solutions Tea Company is proud to announce the launch of the Joko Enveloped Tea Range. Perfect for restaurants and hotels, conferences and Front of House display, Joko enveloped Black Tea and 100% Pure Rooibos are locally sourced, and hygienically presented.


Here’s why Joko enveloped Black Tea and 100% Pure Rooibos are the perfect choice for your establishment:

  • Double chambered, individually enveloped teabags for a strong quality experience.
  • Hygienically presented.
  • Perfect Serve presentable for boardroom and visitor tea stations.
  • Strong flavour.
  • High-quality grade.
  • Locally blended with Tanzanian, Zimbabwean, Malawian and South African teas and ingredients.
  • A proudly African brand with a strong heritage; your local and international diners will love it.
  • Versatile – can be used in multiple applications.

Try Joko Black Tea and 100% Pure Rooibos today, and experience the strength of Africa in every cup.