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Transform kitchen classics into taste sensations with cured eggs. 

Cured eggs add a twist of Asian flair to any dish

In traditional Asian food, salted eggs are cured duck eggs that are usually used in fillings of traditional mooncakes, steamed buns, steamed egg custard and many more dishes. Normal hen’s eggs are a perfectly acceptable substitute or you may want to try curing quails eggs (although the curing time will be much shorter.)  

There are many ways to cure whole eggs. Dry curing in salt or wet curing in a mixture of brine are both great ways to cure large quantities of eggs, with a curing time of 4-6 weeks. The Asian method of shelled eggs left in clay and salt to brine overnight is quicker but obviously more time-consuming prep-wise. By dry curing yolks separately you can turn the wobbly yolk into a hard disc that can be grated over pasta and countless other dishes to add taste. 

How to use them

Grate your cured egg over creamy soups with delicate flavours, like cauliflower or Jerusalem artichoke; a spring risotto or pasta with broad beans and fresh peas; a pizza with lardo, just out of the oven; a roasted corn cob with butter and lime; toast with cod liver and sautéed chanterelles; fish dishes with creamy lemony sauces; or sweet lobster with beurre noisette. 

Take classic dishes to the next level with cured, smoked or salted eggs

Take classic dishes to the next level with cured, smoked or salted eggs

Carbonara with salted egg

Buy salted duck eggs or make your own. Put two yolks and three whole eggs in a food processor with grated cheese and black pepper. Blend together and this will give you a rich base for carbonara sauce.

Aioli with smoked egg yolk

Blend mayonnaise with garlic and smoked egg yolks. Add herbs and spices to taste i.e. pimento/paprika or curry leaves. This makes wonderful dip for fish and finger food.

Pizza with egg yolk confit

Top a pizza with a vegetable like cime di rapa or wild broccoli, anchovies and then add in a confit egg yolk when the pizza comes out of the oven.

Japanese tsukune with cured egg tare sauce

The Japanese chicken meatball dish, Tsukune is usually served with a Tare sauce for dipping. To make add even more richness to the Tare sauce, why not add a yolk in two hours before serving?

Eastern inspiration with the good old egg

Eastern inspiration with the good old egg

The brined duck egg (salted egg) is a regular in traditional Chinese cuisine, where it is an accompaniment to Congee or tucked into mooncakes. However, chefs and bakers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan are using salted eggs in creative new ways, especially in their sauces.

Ice waffle with salted egg sauce

Extremely popular in Singapore, where ice cream bar FATCAT serves a charcoal waffle with salted egg yolk sauce.

Salted egg yolk sauce with sweet potato fries

Sin Lee Foods in Singapore use 300 salted yolks each weekend to make their salted egg yolk sauce, served on top of sweet potato fries. The sauce contains mashed salted egg yolks, butter, milk, chili powder and sugar.

Soft shell crab with salted egg sauce

Also spotted in Singapore: soft shell crab on the cloud-like toasted mantou bun, drizzled with salted egg yolk sauce. This is a real medley of bold flavours and distinct textures.

Octopus and cured egg yolk salsa

Rosio de Sanchez, the former pastry chef of NOMA has opened the extremely popular taco joint Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen, Denmark. She serves crispy fried octopus on toasted tortillas with a spicy cured egg salsa.

Croissant with salted egg custard

The salted egg yolk croissant was first created by Urban Bakery Works in Hong Kong, and the trend has now picked up across the region. Also worth a try: French toast filled with salted egg custard. Crispy on the outside and liquid salted egg on the inside.

Eggs benedict with salted egg Hollandaise

Make a salted egg yolk sauce instead of the ubiquitous Hollandaise. And instead of the usual ham – which is already quite salty – serve your poached eggs with sweet crustaceans, like big prawns.

Transform your menu with inspired egg pairings that add intrigue and visual appeal.

Transform your menu with inspired egg pairings that add intrigue and visual appeal.

1.     Cured eggs and octopus

Go for an egg yolk confit, or an overnight cure in a wet brine, and smoke the yolks for a rich creamy sauce for octopus.

2.     Cured eggs and pasta

 Grating cured egg yolk gives pasta an umami rich kick.  

3.     Cured eggs and mushrooms

Teaming mushrooms with a runny cured, smoked or confit egg brings out the flavour of the mushroom and makes it more umami. Combine the two on toast, pizza or in a soup.

4.     Cured eggs, Hollandaise and asparagus

Whisk a candied, cured runny egg through Hollandaise, or grate a cured egg over the asparagus and sauce for an extra flavour boost.

5.     Bitter greens and cured egg

The strong flavour of stir-fried or roasted bitter greens like wild broccoli, cime di rapa, or cavolo nero is wonderfully balanced by cured egg.

6.     Salted egg and caramel

The salted egg gives a hearty note to the caramel, making it more interesting and full of flavour.

7.     Salted egg and croissant

In Hong Kong they fill croissants and buns with a candied salted egg yolk.