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Sunlight Pine Gel is the perfect multipurpose cleaner for a general clean in your establishment. From walls to floors and everything in between, keep your professional kitchen, dining room and other areas shining clean and smelling fresh with this versatile, general cleaner. 

Here is how to put hygiene first with your general cleaning schedule using Sunlight Pine Gel in key areas of your establishment.


Cleaning toilets is not something anyone wants to talk about but hygiene is key in your restrooms and your toilets are no different. Use Sunlight Pine Gel on your toilet seats and in toilet bowls either diluted or neat. The results? A shiny, hygienic restroom that smells and looks as good as new. 

Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen counters can be the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Make sure that food safety is a priority and use Sunlight Pine Gel for your general clean. It brings a shine to surfaces, even on high-use stainless-steel surfaces like commercial kitchen counters.


The key to a good general cleaning product is making sure it works well on your floors. Keep the floors of your dining area and commercial kitchen smelling fresh and hygienically clean with diluted Sunlight Pine Gel.

Walls and paintwork

Walls should be a part of your deep cleaning routine, but consider adding it to your general cleaning schedule. Sunlight Pine Gel is non-abrasive and perfect for paintwork on walls. Just scrub down your painted walls using diluted Sunlight Pine Gel - this will have them looking as good as new in no time.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are constantly being used to clean dishes and cutlery but what do you use to clean the sink itself? Because Sunlight Pine Gel is non-abrasive, it is the perfect answer to keeping your high-use stainless-steel kitchen sink clean and hygienic

Sunlight Pine Gel

As you can see, using Sunlight Pine Gel for your general clean is a no brainer! So are you ready to try this versatile multipurpose cleaner? Buy it with a click