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Purchase any of the below products between the 1st of July and the 31th of October 2018 and earn triple the amount of Loyalty Points to redeem for amazing rewards.


CARTE D'OR Crème Brûlée

CARTE D'OR Crème Brûlée, 1 kg

311 1865
R103,61 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Crème Caramel

CARTE D'OR Creme Caramel, 1.3 kg

295 1769
R98,25 Product Price

CARTE D’OR White Chocolate Mousse

CARTE D'OR White Chocolate Mousse 1 kg

358 2150
R119,43 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Tiramisu

CARTE D'OR Tiramisu, 1 kg

273 1637
R90,96 Product Price

CARTE D’OR Multi-Purpose Hot Pudding Mix

CARTE D'OR Multi-Purpose Hot Pudding Mix 1 kg

239 1436
R79,79 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Cheesecake

CARTE D'OR Cheesecake 1 kg

361 2168
R120,43 Product Price

CARTE D'OR Chocolate Brownie

CARTE D'OR Chocolate Brownie, 1 kg

337 2023
R112,39 Product Price