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Terms & Conditions

Samples are available to Foodservice and/or Hospitality industry professionals only and are subject to availability. Unilever Food Solutions reserves the right to determine the veracity of sample requests. Sample packs may be smaller than the full sized sale pack.

This free sample offer is only open to operators who have not bought the product in the past. Only 1 of the same sample product per operator and a maximum of 2 samples per month per operator.

  1. Hey Chef! We would love to chat to you before we ship your sample so please expect a phone call from our team. Only food service professionals will be eligible for samples.
  2. We would love for you to try a product you have not tied before. Please do select a sample which you have not purchased previously.
  3. As we mentioned in point 1, we would really love to have a chat with you so that we can best understand your Chef needs. If we cannot get hold of you after 2 phone calls and an email, we will unfortunately not be able to send you a sample