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  • 1 tin chickpea liquid (chickpeas drained, liquid only)
  • Castor sugar 200.0 g
  • Cream of tartar 2.5 ml
  • Vanilla paste 5.0 g
  • Robertsons Pure Berry Boost Powder
  • 15 ml Robertsons Raw Cocoa Powder
  • 15 ml Robertsons Wheatgrass Powder

Berry Bliss Topping:

  • 1 Strawberry (sliced)
  • Blueberries 15.0 g
  • Coconut cream 20.0 g

Summery Sunrise Topping:

  • CARTE D'OR Passion Fruit Sauce 15.0 ml
  • Kiwi 20.0 g
  • 20 g Fruit cocktail (tinned)

Choco-nut Dreams Topping

  1. Pavlova:

    • Pre-heat the oven to 100 ⁰C.
    • Whisk chickpea liquid (aquafaba) on high speed until stiff peaks form. Continue whisking on high speed while gradually adding in 1 tablespoon of sugar into the mix at a time (approx. 8 minutes). Once meringue mixture is thick and glossy, add in cream of tartar and vanilla paste, whisk until combined.
    • In a small bowl, add a tablespoon of the meringue mixture. Add the Robertsons Berry Boost Powder and mix. Repeat with the Robertsons Raw Cocoa Powder and Robertsons Wheatgrass Powder in the 2 remaining bowls. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of the white meringue mixture onto a baking tray. Then spoon a teaspoon of the meringue mixed with the Robertsons Berry Boost Powder on top. Gently fold through to create a marbled effect. Repeat with the remaining powders. Use the back of a spoon to create little peaks on the meringues. Bake for 3 hours.
  2. Berry Bliss Topping:

    • Top the pavlova with whipped coconut cream, fresh berries and CARTE D'OR Wild Berry Sauce.
  3. Summery Sunrise Topping:

    • Top the pavlova with whipped coconut cream, kiwi fruit, fruit cocktail mix and CARTE D'OR Passion Fruit Sauce.
  4. Choco-nut Dreams Topping

    • Top the pavlova with whipped coconut cream, mixed nuts, vegan chocolate chips, maple syrup and CARTE D'OR 2-in-1 Chocolate Sauce and Milkshake Syrup.
  5. Chef's Tip:

    • Whisk in 15 ml of cocoa powder with 50 g meringue mix. Stir through to create a marbled chocolate meringue.