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Terms & Conditions


  1. The Scheme is open to bona fide South African catering and food service establishments and their employees aged 18 years or over, except employees of the Promoter, their families, agencies, or anyone professionally connected with the Scheme. 
  2. Employees must get the business owner’s permission to enter and evidence of such permission may be required. 
  3. A registered Chef Rewards account is allocated to participating trading entity, not to named individuals.
  4. Points (‘Chef Rewards Points’) will be allocated per account, based on  purchases of participating products on the Scheme.
  5. Internet access is required.
  6. Purchase is necessary.
  7. The Scheme is available in relation to all products listed on  
  8. The Promoter may run events where:
    • Participating Products can be added or removed temporarily; 
    • Members are able to increase or multiply the number of Chef Rewards Points they have in their accounts when they purchase the Participating Products during the period and in the circumstances specified; 
    • Members can redeem selected merchandise online at a reduced Chef Rewards Point redemption rate from time to time during the period. 
  9. The Promoter shall give reasonable notice of any additions or changes to the Participating Products or any events as described before. Additional terms may apply.
  10. The following wholesalers (the ‘Participating Wholesalers’) are participating in the Scheme: Bidvest Food Service KZN, Bidvest Food Service Gauteng, Bidvest food Services Western Cape, Cater 2 U KZN, Checkers Food Service Gauteng, Checkers Food Services Western Cape.T
  11. The Promoter reserves the right to add or remove Participating Wholesalers by giving reasonable notice. 
  12. If a Participating Wholesaler decides to leave the Scheme Members who purchase from the Participating Wholesaler will have the option to add an account from a different Participating Wholesalers to their Chef Rewards Account. 
  13. Chef Rewards Points accrued at a Participating Wholesaler leaving the Scheme will remain valid.


  1. To register on the Scheme, visit Complete the registration process by entering your name, email address, wholesaler account information and chosen password and all other required fields. Responsibility is not accepted for any inaccuracies in the information supplied by the participant when providing their details.
  2. By registering as a member of Chef Rewards (“Member”) and/or using the Scheme, Members agree to provide up-to-date and accurate information to the Promoter for the purposes of administering the Scheme at all times.
  3. Attention is drawn to Unilever’s Privacy Policy, accessible on this site. Participants information will be shared with the Participating Wholesalers in so far as is necessary to place the orders and information thus shared will fall within the Participating Wholesalers privacy policies. The Promotor will not be liable for any breach of Members privacy rights by the Participating Wholesalers.
  4. Each Member will have an account (the ‘Chef Rewards Account’) where Chef Rewards Points will be accrued. There will be 1 Chef Reward Account per establishment allocated but Members can request Promoter to create 1 account for multiple establishments if they are owned by the same legal entity by contacting Promoter on Customer Care on 0860 31 41 51 . 
  5. Only registered users may order through the Website.
  6. To register as a user, Members must provide a unique username and password and provide certain information and personal details. Members will need to use the unique username and password to access the Website.
  7. Members agree and warrant that their username and password will: 
    • be used for personal use only; and
    • not be disclosed to any third party.
  8. For security purposes Members agree to enter the correct username and password whenever ordering through the website, failing which they will be denied access.
  9. Members agree that, once the correct username and password relating to the account have been entered, irrespective of whether the use of the username and password is unauthorised or fraudulent, they will be liable for payment of such order, save where the order is cancelled in accordance with the terms and conditions of the third party.
  10. Members agree to notify the Promotor immediately upon becoming aware of or reasonably suspecting any unauthorised access to or use of the username and password and to take steps to mitigate any resultant loss or harm.


  1. Chef Reward Points will be allocated for all purchases made of the Participating Products on the Scheme through Participating Wholesalers.
  2. Chef Rewards Points will be awarded on the first Friday of every month and will cover sales orders placed the previous month.
  3. Eligible customers start collecting Chef Rewards Points upon registration of their account.
  4. Members can nominate up to three accounts from Participating Wholesalers per Chef Rewards Account to collect points against purchases. The participating wholesaler account numbers will be consolidated into one Chef Rewards Account and all Chef Rewards Points earned will accrue under one Chef Rewards Account.
  5. If at any given time, the Member chooses to remove or replace a nominated participating wholesaler account number from the Chef Rewards Account, the removed account will no longer be eligible to accrue Chef Rewards Points.


  1. In order to redeem Chef Rewards Points, you must be a member of the Chef Rewards Scheme. Membership of the Scheme is free.
  2. There are various types of rewards (‘Chef Rewards’) that can be redeemed/will be redeemable under the Scheme on 
    • Technology
    • Kitchen Smalls
    • Gluten free tools
    • Vouchers
    • Confectionery
    • Charitable donations
  3. These Chef Rewards can be changed without notice.
  4. A full list of the Chef Rewards offered and corresponding Chef Rewards Points values can be found on the Website
  5. Following registration, Members will be able to build their Chef Rewards Points to redeem against rewards provided in the Chef Rewards E-Shop. Members can select rewards as per their choice corresponding with the number of Chef Rewards Points necessary to redeem the Chef Reward. The balance of Chef Rewards Points are available to Members when they log onto the Website. Members may also receive emails confirming their Chef Rewards Points balance.
  6. Chef Rewards Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. The selling or exchange of Chef Rewards Points is strictly forbidden and will result in Members being removed from the Scheme immediately.
  7. A Member cannot make part payment towards rewards on the Scheme and no currency, other than Chef Rewards Points, will be accepted.
  8. Chef Rewards Points will be subtracted from a Member's account immediately upon a Member choosing to redeem against a Chef Reward.
  9. If you have problems redeeming your Chef Rewards Points please contact Customer Care on 0330 331 0790.


  1. The Promoter reserves the right at any time to add, modify or limit the rewards offered on the Scheme if circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control make this necessary.
  2. The Promoter reserves the right at any time providing at least 20 days notice is given, to modify or limit the Chef Rewards offered. Such notice will be given by way of communication on the website and Members will be presumed to have consulted the website regularly. The Promotor may add new rewards at any time.
  3. All Chef Rewards are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party supplier of the particular reward.
  4. The Promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of equal or greater value if circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control make this necessary.
  5. The Promoter makes no warranty whatsoever in respect of the Chef Rewards. Any manufacturer or third party supplier warranties will transfer to Members upon delivery of the Chef Reward.
  6. Any instances of rewards damaged in transit must be reported via the help section of the Chef Rewards website. A replacement reward may be issued subject to inspection of the returned item. Members’ statutory rights are not affected.
  7. Any reward faults post-delivery and which occur within the manufacturer's or third party supplier's warranty period must be reported via the help section of the Chef Rewards website, and will be addressed by the manufacturer or third party supplier on a case by case basis.
  8. Chef Rewards can only be redeemed against the equivalent number of Chef Rewards Points indicated on the Website.
  9. Once ordered, Members will receive an email confirmation of the Chef Reward they have ordered and their new Chef Rewards Points balance to the email address they have provided.
  10. Rewards will be delivered within 28 days from confirmation.


  1. The sale or barter of Chef Reward Points is strictly prohibited.
  2. Membership will terminate immediately in the event of a Member's death or winding up. Member accounts and Chef Rewards Points balance are not transferable upon death upon winding up or otherwise by operation of law.
  3. Members can choose to leave the Scheme at any time. By leaving the Scheme members forfeit the right to any Chef Rewards Points already accrued or issued. The Member's account will be closed within 30 days. Further communication between the Promoter and the Member will also end.
  4. The Promoter may from time to time adjust Members' accounts upwards or downwards in respect of accounting errors or suspected fraud, for which the Promoter has full authority in its absolute and sole discretion.
  5. Except as provided for in these terms, only one Chef Rewards account is permitted per trading entity and accounts created using automated devices or processes are not allowed. The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute and sole discretion, to remove a Member from the Scheme where multiple accounts are suspected, at which time any accrued Chef Rewards Points balance will be null and void.
  6. The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute and sole discretion, to remove a Member from the Scheme where it is felt that the Member concerned could be misusing the Scheme and/or the Website in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Any Chef Rewards Points accrued or issued at the date of removal will be forfeited.
  7. Members are responsible for ensuring that their login details remain confidential to them so as to protect against any unauthorized use of their account. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss, damage or consequential damage of any nature in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise caused by such unauthorized use of a Member's account (to the extent permissible by law).
  8. The Promoter reserves the right at its absolute and sole discretion to withhold the Chef Rewards redeemed by any Member or individual found to be tampering with the redemption process or the operation of the Scheme and/or the Website.
  9. The Promoter makes no warranty in relation to the Chef Rewards supplied by the Chef Rewards Supplier concerned. The Promoter is not responsible for any guarantees, warranties and/or representations (if any) made by a Chef Rewards supplier.
  10. A Member shall be responsible for any tax implications or payment of tax that may arise as a result of joining the Scheme.
  11. The Promotor does not accept responsibility for Chef Rewards Points lost, damaged or delayed as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.
  12. The Promoter's decision regarding all matters relating to the Scheme is final.
  13. The Promoter reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time upon reasonable notice given to its Members if circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control make this necessary or unavoidable.
  14. The Promoter reserves the right to alter, withdraw, terminate or cancel the Scheme at any time upon reasonable notice given to its Members.
  15. In the event of withdrawal, termination or cancellation, a Member will have 30 days from the notice date of the termination to redeem any Chef Rewards Points that were held in their accounts prior to the notice date of the termination in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (the “Termination Period”). Unless specified otherwise, no additional Chef Rewards Points will be able to be accrued during the Termination Period.
  16. The Promoter will make every effort to communicate to all Members the Termination Period, however the Promoter will not be held responsible for failing to notify any individual Member regardless of the reason.
  17. Where the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme are amended, any amendments shall be effective upon posting the modified Terms and Conditions at and notifying Members via the Website or via email. Members will be asked to agree to the updated Terms and Conditions in order to remain a Member of the Scheme.
  18. Amendments will be explained at the top of these Terms and Conditions and the most current version shall prevail.
  19. By registering to become a Member and/or using the Scheme, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions and consent to the transfer of their personal data to the Data Controller, for the purposes of the administration of this Scheme, including latest offers available under the Scheme and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented. All registration instructions form part of the Scheme Terms and Conditions. The Promoter will always communicate responsibly under the terms of relevant legislation and other self-regulatory restrictions.
  20. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, damage or consequential damage of any nature in contract, tort (including negligence) caused by acceptance of the terms and conditions or in connection with the Scheme (to the extent permissible by law).
  21. In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be unlawful, invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, it shall be severed from the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions which shall continue in full force and effect.
  22. These Terms and Conditions and any issues or disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions (whether such disputes or issues are contractual or non-contractual in nature, such as claims in tort, for breach of statute or regulation or otherwise) will be governed by and construed in accordance with South Africa law. Participants hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of  South African courts to settle any such dispute or issues.
  23. Promoter & Data Controller: Unilever South Africa trading as Unilever Foodsolutions South Africa, 15 Nollsworth Crescent, La Lucia Ridge Office Park, La Luica, 4051, Durban, South Africa.