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The foodservice industry has been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 lockdown, with an estimated 1.8 million* people affected across supply chains across our country. The slowdown has had a domino effect on our industry, stretching from restaurant owners to their Chefs, delivery drivers, farm workers, and cleaning staff to name just a few.


Estimated 1.8 million people affected across supply chains across our country.

We know the impact of this pandemic, and the continued restrictions have on our operations, and our ability to support our staff. That’s why we’ve decided to play our part, and together with RCL Food Partners, McCain Food Service Solutions, Tiger Brands Out of Home Solutions, and Bidfood, support the #OneMealManyThanks campaign.

Download the Safety Pack that you can use to help educate your teams of the requirements to operate safely.

Now more than ever as an industry we need to be aware of the protocols and directions required of us in order to stay open. Download the OneMealManyThanks operations pack now




#OneMealManyThanks tells the story behind every restaurant meal ordered. A story of the people who made it, from the farms to the kitchens and in-between. In fact, over 28 people** may have directly benefited from your last takeout or dine-in meal.

Now that’s food for thought. #OneMealManyThanks is our way of championing those heroes and saluting you, and our customers for doing their part to help our industry thrive again.

Through our collaboration, we aim to support the gradual restoration of the foodservice industry. In addition to the campaign, we will provide information and resources that you can use in your operations.

Share your story and join the #OneMealManyThanks movement.

* Sourced from Euro Monitor
** Source of the data are: StatsSA QLFS 2020 Q1, StatsSA Food & Bev report ending Mar2020 and internal estimates.