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  1. Who are we - We help chefs worldwide to prepare delicious, nutritious meals that keep their customers coming back. We create ingredients that provide significant time savings in the kitchen, without compromising on taste and quality. We have been around since the 1880's and are very active in the food industry with some of the world's best known brands: Knorr, Hellmann's and many others. We work closely with companies large and small, independent restaurants to hotel chains and catering companies, in 74 countries. So we know how difficult it is to find a balance between making an impression on your customers and making a profit.
  2. About the webshop - In the Unilever Food Solutions webshop you need to create an account. You will then select your trade partner, enter your order, with the request for extradition through the trade partner you selected. When you enter your order in the webshop, you give Unilever Food Solutions permission to send the order to your chosen trade partner for extradition.
  3. How to register yourself - Register yourself by clicking on the login button at the top right of the page. Then create your account. Fill in the form and confirm.
  4. How it works - How to Shop in the Unilever Food Solutions webshop? You add products to the shopping cart on the product overview page or on the product detail page. What are the requirements to use the shop? A requirement to use the Unilever Food Solutions webshop, is that a customer delivery should be one of our trade partners. What login details do I need for the shop? You can use the shop without logging in or using the login details of your registration. The advantage is your data stored for subsequent orders. You can also use the shop without registering. Which trade partner will deliver my order? The selection list of these can be seen in the product page, where you can choose your trade partner for extradition. 
  5. How to find your order history - To access your order history, log in to the top right of the page. It says 'login' or your username if you are already logged in. In this menu, you click on 'my account'. And in this section you can click on the left to "order history".
  6. Delivery and Payment - Who will deliver my order? Your selected trade partner will deliver the order. The payment goes through them. When my order will be delivered? Often the order will be shipped with the next shipment, but we cannot guarantee this. To be sure: contact your trade partner. What should I do if my order is not delivered? Your trade partner is responsible for delivering your order. If it is not delivered, please contact them.
  7. The prices in the shop - What prices are applicable in the shop? The prices shown are indicative prices. These prices are only an indication of a potential selling price of your trade partner, with the sole purpose to give an estimate of the final price. The actual price you pay is part of the agreement between you and your trade partner, and in practice may therefore fail both higher and lower. Look at your selected trade partners conditions to see what is applicable to you.
  8. Payment Methods - After you place the order, your trade partner will communicate the exact payment methods that are available to you.
  9. Return Policy - The returning of products are handled by your trade partner. Please reach out to your trade partner if you want to return products. If you experience any issues, please call 0860 31 41