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Truth is, everyone in your kitchen needs help once in a while. That is why we have launched the FAIRKITCHENS toll-free help line: in partnership with The South African Depression & Anxiety Group (SADAG), our 24/7 helpline is available when you or your team need it the most.

Working in the Foodservice Industry is tough, from the long hours, constant pressure through the late shifts and more – local research shows that stress-related illness and mental health are often not spoken about and addressed.

Through FAIRKITCHENS helpline, there is now help available at the end of the line. Our free 24/7 toll-free line offers a first-line intervention from trained staff to provide free telephonic counselling, containment, crisis intervention and support nationwide.

The dedicated service connects people in the Foodservice industry with the resources they need to improve their mental wellbeing.

The services range from being admitted into hospital, find a mental health NGO, to joining free support groups near-by and accessing face-to-face counselling.