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Overseeing over 100 staff at the GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World in Cape Town, Executive Chef Wynand Schoeman certainly knows about the challenges of running an effective, efficient and harmonious kitchen. That’s why he is a big believer in the #FairKitchens movement.

“The industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years, and we have to look after our teams; support our teams,” he said. “But it starts with us. We need to get rest, we need to take time out, and we need to focus. Once we start doing that, we can lead by example,” he said.

Chef Wynand also realises the importance of support. “You help and support wherever you can. We’ve seen some scary stuff: miscarriages, alcoholism and more. We have to jump in and support. Those are the guys that look after your kitchen when you are not there. And if you look after them, they will look after you and your business.”

Chef Wynand is a big believer in mentorship. Having been inspired by Chefs such as Bertus Basson and Chef Craig Elliott, he is keen to play a similar role in the careers of younger Chefs in the industry. “As long as I can inspire and motivate other people, I will be happy.”