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The pandemic has changed the way we do business, serve food and offer guests memorable occasions. And the biggest changes to the hospitality industry is moving away from breakfast buffets to a new breakfast experience.

Since nothing inspires innovation as well as necessity, hospitality establishments globally have pivoted to embrace new ways of providing service for guests while keeping to local and international hotel Covid-19 protocols. These include contactless methods of booking and payment, ordering meals ahead of arrival, outdoor dining spaces and more.

A Fresh Take on Breakfast Buffets

Based on the South African Tourism Industry Standard Protocols and best practices from hotels around the world, we have put together ideas to make these hotel Covid-19 protocols work for you and your new buffet.

  1. Single-serve Options: With product like Joko individual tea envelopes, you don’t have to compromise on taste or experience.
  2. Make Room: Avoid having too many people close together by using one of your conference rooms as a second buffet room. Not only will your service be faster but safer too!
  3. Simplify Your Menu: Take this opportunity to revise and simplify your menu, this will make meals easier to pack and allow your kitchen to run with a limited short staff.
  4. Grab-and-go: Is an easy way to keep your buffet a highlight of your guest’s experience. From muffins on the go to mini yoghurts in their single-serve packaging. Grab-and-go eliminates long buffet lines and shows you put hygiene first.
  5. Make it Memorable: Grab-and-go boxes for breakfast can become an occasion. Consider adding in a small note showcasing something new or just a simple ‘Thank you and travel safely’.
  6. No More Self Service. Make your breakfast occasion hygienic and quicker by having your staff serve behind breakfast stations. Eliminating long queues and allowing everyone to maintain social distancing.
  7. Go Digital: It’s time to make your menu digital which reduces contact between your servers and diners. Some venues are maximising their use of self-service through technology and robotics, with inventions like Sally the Salad Maker paving the way for a new delightful experience.
  8. Scan your menu: Remove menus as a hygiene risk by making your menu a scannable QR code!
  9. Booking in Advance: Consider getting guests to book a timeslot for breakfast and even order their meal at the same time. This way both front- and back-of-house can prep in advance. This also gives your establishment the opportunity to actively promote your grab-and-go breakfast options.
  10. Make it Flow: Implement a directional flow for your buffets, this will eliminate risk and allow your guests and staff to maintain a safe distance from each other.

Change is good; we have been doing small innovations on how we serve breakfast buffets in hospitality but this year has provided a unique opportunity to completely change our serving methods. Breakfast buffets of the future are grab-and-go, more organised and hygienic, but what won’t change is how delicious your meals are!