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Maintaining high cleanliness standards is a challenge in itself for every establishment. From maintaining shiny floors and spotless kitchens and bathrooms, cleaning is an on-going daily activity that can become overwhelming.

Cleanliness and hygiene were highlighted as one of the most significant factors influencing these hotel reviews, regardless of the property size, brand affiliation or location. Since cleanliness is tied to an establishment’s success, it is important to ensure your hotel has an effective cleaning strategy in place that enables you to operate to the highest possible standards, without straining budgets.

To help you get started, we have put together a checklist of key areas to cover when cleaning, which you can easily customise to suit your needs.

Greet Your Guests With A Clean Room

Customers are always looking for quicker turnovers and expect cleaning to be done quickly. Having a good cleaning strategy can help to minimise the time taken.

Dusting will help you clean the room in a more organised manner. Cleaning and disinfecting all the horizontal surfaces, like tables and slabs, glass surfaces, doors and handles where dust and germs can collect, is also crucial.

Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream cleans on most surfaces and removes most stains. It is a fast and simple daily cleaning solution, leaving surfaces shining bright with a pleasant fragrance.

Keeping Your Restrooms Hygienically Clean

An easy way to decide on an establishment’s cleanliness is the restroom. These are breeding grounds for bacteria and sources for cross-contamination; so it is critical to keep these areas clean and sanitised to ensure your guests’ wellbeing.

Make sure your cleaning schedule includes a powerful disinfecting bathroom cleaner that gets the job done right!

Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach eradicates all stains and odours quickly and effectively so your customers can enjoy a clean and fresh bathroom.

Keep Kitchens Sanitary And Clean

Regular cleaning and disinfection of all visible surfaces, especially surfaces that diners and kitchen staff frequently come into contact with, can help prevent germ and bacteria build-up.

It is also important to sweep, mop and disinfect kitchen floors and other parts of the restaurant floors daily to get rid of grease and other dirt or dust which has accumulated during service hours.

Dishes and other cooking utensils should be washed thoroughly to remove any food or oil stains and sanitised to help prevent spreading illnesses.

Keep Floors Grease-free

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a space clean is high-traffic floor areas. High-traffic areas typically include dining rooms, stairwells, lobby areas, entrances and exits.

Floors require regular cleaning and finishing to retain their appearance and durability. It is important for these floors, especially non-carpeted floors, to remain visibly clean and sanitised so that germs and bacteria are not given the chance to multiply.

Try our Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream – especially designed to remove deposits of greasy dirt and stains. The quick-drying formula leaves your floors squeaky clean and without any sticky feeling.

Keep Table Linen And Kitchen Uniforms Fresh And Clean

For any establishment, maintaining clean table linen and staff uniforms can quickly become time consuming and expensive.

That is why it is important to keep the existing ones in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Using Skip Auto Washing Powder which is gentle on fibres while removing stains will do the job efficiently.