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Running an establishment requires a lot of planning. Ordering ingredients on time, balancing your budget and managing your staff and ensuring your establishment is safe and hygienic amongst other things. To add to this, it is also important to consider how the food you serve impacts the environment.

Most of us might believe it’s our energy usage or transport choices that cause the most serious environmental damage. In fact, it’s our food system that creates the biggest impact.

Did you know? That just 3 foods – wheat, rice and maize – make up 60% of our diets?

The population of our world is growing and may reach almost 10 billion people by 2050. In an effort to ensure there are enough resources for all of us, as well as future generations, we need to look for new ways to adapt to a changing planet. 

One area that needs to change soon is our global food system. What does that have to do with what’s on your plate? More than you may think!

Similar to the way your body needs a range of different foods to be healthy, land and soil are healthiest when they grow a variety of foods. Only growing lots of one crop – e.g potato reduces the soil quality which threatens future crops of potatoes.  

That’s where Future 50 Foods comes in – Knorr Professional and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)* have written a report that identifies 50 plant-based, foods that we should start using for our health and the health of the planet. Consisting of vegetables, grains, cereals, seeds, nuts and legumes, the report has been developed to inspire us to make wider choices of we cook and eat.

By simply adding new recipes or adapting customer favourites with these 50 foods, your establishment can reduce the waste in our supply chain from the start. Your small change can make a big impact!

Future 50 Foods is the beginning of a journey and a way for us to make a change, one delicious dish at a time.