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In today's world of mass production there are millions of products and messages competing for consumers' attention. Take this as a small example: TripAdvisor lists over 600 restaurants in Durban, 2 600 in greater Johannesburg and 2 300 in Cape Town. That's a lot of restaurants for diners to choose from. How do you stand out from such a big crowd?


The food industry is hugely competitive, with hundreds of restaurants vying for the same customers. To stay ahead of the competition, you've go to offer something unique, something that diners can't get elsewhere.

The trick is to add a twist of craft to your classic dishes − something that speaks directly to your passion, your skill set and your interpretation of a dish. Craft is about innovating classic dishes to offer your diners menu options and experiences that are meaningfully different from standard offerings.



Craft is a big trend right now. You can embrace the trend by adding your own crafty variation to a dish, which will make it one of a kind. Putting your own stamp on a classic dish also pays homage to your creativity as a Chef, and gives your diners insight into the values that drive you. Your craft touch signifies to your diners that they are eating something unique, something special and made with passion.


We will inspire you to add your craft touch to your popular dishes with:

  • Craft trends − what is it about craft that people love?
  • Craft-ers − who is doing it well and what can we learn from them?
  • Craft-ed − here are ways to craft your menu and craft your plating.

Get started on your Art of Craft journey with Trends on Plate!


Knorr Professional Jus

Knorr Jus is a hearty and indulgent sauce with French origins and rich accents of caramelised beef, marrow and roasted onion. Use Knorr Jus as a stand alone sauce. For intense flavour delivery infuse with selected herbs, wholegrain mustard or Madagascan peppercorns.

Craft it up your way! Make amazing Jus in just 12 minutes and have time add you own flair!
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