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Your customers LOVE chicken. In fact, South Africans eat ten times more chicken than beef* which means you need to serve it on your menu if you want your restaurant to stay relevant to your local customers.

Chicken is the number 1 meat

Whether you’re serving a creamy chicken pasta or chicken casserole, spread your wings with unique, consistent, and mouth-watering flavours that ignite the taste buds and make your dishes stand out with our versatile chicken products.



Stand out from your competitors with chicken dishes that are easy to execute, deliver high profit and drive traffic into your restaurant. Download our recipe book for exciting chicken recipes that make chicken the HERO of your dish!

Crumbed to perfection

Scratch breading is for the birds!
Turn crumbed chicken into a flavour experience that keeps customers coming back for more with Knorr Professional Chicken Breading; the perfect one solution base to deliver crispy, tasty fried chicken across various chicken dishes.

The key to an excellent chicken dish is getting the crumbing to chicken ratio right. Knorr Professional Original Chicken Breading is pre-seasoned with a blend of Robertsons Spices to give you the PERFECT crumbing to chicken ratio.

Use it as is, or add your unique touch to enhance your chicken dish and add flavour variety to your menu!

Chicken Breading
Own your flavor

Consistent flavour gives you credibility, while adding your unique touch makes your menu stand out! Knorr Professional Peri-Peri Marinade and Knorr Professional White Sauce Base are the perfect base sauces to ensure consistency in your dishes while allowing you the freedom to get creative with your own flavours!

Good looking chicken

Whether you’re serving grilled or fried chicken, creating visually appealing chicken dishes that deliver a new world of extraordinary flavours is essential. Robertsons Cajun Spice delivers a smoky and spicy flavour profile, combined with an attractive texture and colour that will take your dish to the next level!

*South Africans eat ten times more chicken than beef by value – and not a lot of vegetables. Business Insider. 01 June 2021. Available at: