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Our sources (and sauces) have revealed that customers prefer a dish that isn't naked. Instead, they crave unique, consistent, and exciting flavours.

Keep all the right bits covered with dressings that bring a signature flair to your men

Keep all the right bits covered with dressings that bring a signature flair to your menu. We're talking bold, unmistakable tastes and fresh ingredients that can be replicated time and time again. 


Changing up your dressings is an easy way to add more menu variety and flavour excitement to make your menu stand out. Our versatile product solutions are here to complete, amplify and differentiate your popular menu items while being easy to execute Back of House (BOH).  

What about a fresh pesto mayo or roasted garlic dip to add some personal flair to your dish? Make your burger menu stand out with  5 Ways to Infuse Your Burger with Hellmann’s Tangy Mayonnaise!

Consistent flavour keeps loyal diners coming back.


Consistent flavour keeps loyal diners coming back.

Consistency converts sceptics into believers, keeping them coming back for more. It's what builds trust, reputation and ultimately, success. 

Unilever Food Solutions' products helps you deliver consistent flavour and quality that will keep diners coming back for more. Our versatile and ready-to-use dressings deliver a consistently balanced flavour profile, so you can use them as a reliable base to add your signature flair.

Best Burger Ratio


Stack your burger with the perfect flavour ratio. 

As long as your burger remains stacked and delicious, anything goes, but if you're looking for perfection, these tips will help you reach burger bliss.


1. Start from the bottom with a lightly toasted bun.

Toast the cut side of your bun under a grill or in a hot, dry pan. This adds crunch and helps keep the bun from going soggy from sauces and juices. Try the classic seeded buns, brioche, milk buns or potato buns. Going low carb? Why not try a burger with a mushroom bun.

2. Add at least a teaspoon of your chosen sauce.

Sauces are essential. They keep your burger from being dry and provide sharpness, tanginess, sweetness, or creaminess to your burger to cut through all the richness. Remember to sauce both sides of the bun and be generous. Use at least a teaspoon on each side. Mix and match sauces on the top and bottom to add more flavours to your burger.

3. Lettuce next, use a whole leaf to catch any patty juices.

Putting lettuce in a burger isn't for “veggie smuggling”; it adds texture and freshness. Plus, placing lettuce under the patty helps to keep the bun from getting soggy. Iceberg and cos lettuce leaves are great varieties to provide crunch without competing flavours.

4. Thick slices of tomato.

Choose ripe, firm tomatoes that aren't too pulpy. You can find meaty varieties of tomatoes such as beefsteak and other heirloom tomatoes from gourmet grocers. Vine-ripened tomatoes have great flavour. Slice the tomato thickly, around 5-6 mm thick. Don't forget to season with salt and pepper before adding to your burger.

5. The star of the show: your patty with melted cheese.

The Patty: Whether you're eating red meat, chicken, fish or going veggo, quality ingredients will make your burgers shine. For meat patties, choose mince with a high-fat content. Higher fat means a more succulent burger that bastes itself from the inside out while cooking.

  • If using lean mince, keep it juicy by adding sauces, vegetables, egg, and breadcrumbs. 
  • Don't overwork the meat. Only mix until the ingredients are just combined. Over mixing will lead to shrinking and a hockey puck texture.
  • Gently shape patties to be a little larger than your buns. They will shrink a little once cooked. Place onto a tray and cover, keeping cold. Always rest your patties in the refrigerator while preparing the rest of your ingredients. Remove from the fridge 15 minutes before cooking. While your patties are cooking, begin building your burger, so it's hot when you serve it.

The Melted Cheese: If you have cheese on your burger, it should be melted. Place cheese on top of the patties in the last 30 seconds of cooking and cover with a lid or bowl to help it melt.

Choose a firm cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, gouda or something that will not overpower the flavour of the patty and has a great melting quality.

6. Pickles and onions settle nicely on the melted cheese.

Pickles should help balance your burger with sharp tanginess. Choose a variety of pickles that are tangy and slice thinly. Just 2-4 slices are a good place to start to avoid overpowering the other flavours in the burger.

Onions can be added either raw or cooked. Raw onions add bite, freshness, and a crisp texture. Red onions are a good choice as they are a little sweeter. If you only have white onions, slice, and place in a bowl of cool water while you prepare your burgers to reduce some of the bite. Drain on paper towel before adding to the burger.

Caramelised onions give a sweet flavour and creamy texture. To cook, thinly slice and caramelise your choice of onion until they are golden, softened and collapsed.

7. Top it off with the other half of the bun slathered with sauce.

Entice your diners with juicy words.


Entice your diners with juicy words. 

Your dish is the star of the show, but your menu descriptor is what sells the tickets. Customers spend only 90 seconds on average reading the menu*. This makes strong, enticing dish descriptions a must if you want to increase your profits. 

1. Good menu descriptions entice your diners which can lead to repeat business

Using tempting and exciting language makes your dishes seem irresistible and it's more likely that your diners will order one of them and possibly return to try your other dishes.  

2. Good menu descriptions differentiate your restaurant

You need strong menu descriptions to make your diners believe that you are offering something distinctive that they can't get anywhere else. Say it right with fun, playful, eye-catching details that allow your diners to envision and taste what's about to arrive on their plates.

With the help of personalised dressings, add a burst of signature flavour that sets your menu apart from your competitors.

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