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Big Things In Small Packages Menus are becoming smaller and shorter, making eating out more communal, casual and fun, adding a twist of loud food with strong, smokey and exotic flavour pairings. This type of modern fusion of a culinary style is creating a culture where anything goes. Restaurateurs can use this trend to start a social media dialogue about sustainable and ethical food farming, promote new menu items, give customers more options to order and create healthier portion sizes. The team at Unilever Food Solutions have researched this trending food style consisting of various hot, cold, marinated and slow-cooked dishes that offers dynamite on a smaller scale. Chef Narnia

Chef Narnia

So, what does this mean to you? More smaller portion,s making the dining experience more interactive, creating a greater social sharing of food dishes and lower food costs, which in turn will assist in better turnover – setting parameters on how much the customer will order. Along with industry chefs and the culinary team, we have created these recipes. They will allow you to discover new and exciting ways of creating tasting menus, with endless options to unearth and bring to light small plates with elusive flavours!

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