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1. What is BBQ

In this series, you’ll learn from some of the best BBQ pitmasters about the art of barbecue. Discover how BBQ styles differ between regions and how barbecue pitmasters are giving the traditional Southern American BBQ a new spin.


2. Principles of Smoke: Fuels

One of the fundamentals of a traditional Southern American BBQ is smoke. Watch this video to learn how to control this powerful cooking medium, whether you use an American barbecue smoker or cook a whole hog over hardwood coals.


3. Principles of Smoke - Heat & Equipment

It’s important to understand the vessel you’re using to cook your BBQ. Watch this video to learn from some of the best BBQ pitmasters about how they manipulate fire and smoke in different types of pits, barrels and smokers.


4. Signature Styles: Texas BBQ Part 1

What sets a Texas barbecue apart from other regions? In this video, learn from Kerry Bexley from Snow’s Barbecue Texas about seasoning and mopping, as well as Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ about cooking on mesquite wood.


5. Signature Styles: Texas BBQ Part 2

There are many ways to cook the best barbecue in Texas. Discover how Allie Clem from La Barbeque has made small changes using red onions and potato buns, whilst the chefs at Loro Asian Smokehouse have given BBQ an Asian twist.


6. Signature Styles: Memphis BBQ

What makes a Memphis BBQ so special? Watch this video to find out why Pitmaster Bobby Ellis from Rendezvous and Ronald Payne from Payne’s Bar-B-Q are proudly old-fashioned when it comes to a traditional Southern style BBQ.


7. Signature Styles: Tennessee BBQ

Cooking a whole hog takes skill. In this video, Pat Martin, owner of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint in Tennessee shows you how to avoid some of the common mistakes when cooking a whole hog barbecue and what he does to avoid certain parts of the hog overcooking while others are still getting done.


8. Signature Styles: Carolinas BBQ Part 1

A typical Carolina barbecue is a whole hog BBQ! Discover how Chris Neue from Sweatman’s BBQ uses a South Carolina mustard sauce to keep the meat moist and how pitmaster Anton Williams from Rodney Scott’s BBQ cooks perfect ribs over oak wood coals.


9. Signature Styles: Carolinas BBQ Part 2

In this video, Sam Jones from the Skylight Inn shares his secret recipe for the perfect Carolina BBQ sauce. He adds salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar and hot sauce to the whole hog which deliciously complements the sweet slaw.

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