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Nutrition in Aged Care_1.Introduction_UFSAcademy

1. Introduction

Elderly people in care homes can struggle to get the right nutrition due to their changing bodies, but it is so important to get it right. UFS Nutritionist Ria van der Maas shares her top tips on how to make sure aged care home residents are nourished in this video. Learn about everything from portion sizes and menu planning to balanced meals and hydration.

Nutrition in Aged Care_2.Health ConsiderationsPart1_UFSAcademy

2. Health Considerations Part 1

How does ageing impact health? UFS Nutritionist Ria van der Maas is here to explain all, plus give you expert advice on how to work with medical staff to keep elderly residents fed and well in this video. You'll learn about dysphagia, the health issues it can cause, and how to encourage residents to eat if they have it. Ria will also show you how to present pureed food in an appetizing way. Watch the video to find out more!

Nutrition in Aged Care_2B.Health ConsiderationsPart2_UFSAcademy

3. Health Considerations Part 2

Dementia is a common health condition elderly people experience but did you know that nutrition can have an impact? Simon Lawrence, Head of Culinary Hospitality, and UFS Nutritionist Ria van der Maas discuss how to cater for care home residents that have dementia in this video. Ria unpacks which foods are beneficial to help residents be at their best, how they like to dine, how to stimulate their appetites, and how to involve them in cooking. You'll also get advice on how to create dishes for diabetic residents. Watch the video to find out more!

Nutrition in Aged Care_4.FactorsAffectingNutrition_UFSAcademy

4. Factors Affecting Nutrition

Loss of vision, health conditions, loneliness, dental problems, and even medication can affect the nutrition elderly people recieve. Nutritionist Ria van der Mass offers advice on how to make meals the highlight of the day in care homes by providing a positive environment that encourages socialisation. You'll pick up tips on offering enticing, tasty food, including how to use finger food; brighter colours and textures; stronger flavour profiles; and different portion options. Plus, you'll learn how to cater this for different health issues. Watch the video to find out more!

Nutrition in Aged Care_5.Commonfoodsanddrinks_UFSAcademy

5. Common Foods & Drinks

Everyone has their go-to meals, and that goes for elderly care home residents, too. Discover the most common appetizing food, drinks, and healthy snacks served in care homes in this video. You'll learn about different dishes that cater for all diets and nutritional needs. Plus, UFS Nutritionist Ria van der Mass shares the importance of covering all food groups, portion sizing, and tasty recipe ideas. Watch the video to find out more!

Nutrition in Aged Care_6.CutleryFreeFoodandHydration_UFSAcademy

6. Cutlery-Free Food and Hydration

Something as simple as cutlery can be a big barrier to nutrition for elderly care home residents. How can they eat nutritious meals without them? Simon Lawrence, Head of Culinary Hospitality, shares his advice for cutlery-free food (arancini balls, anybody?). Plus, UFS Nutritionist Ria van der Maas joins him to share their top tips on keeping residents hydrated. Watch the video to find out more!

Nutrition in Aged Care_7.Minestronesoup_UFSAcademy

7. Minestrone Soup

Classic Italian minestrone soup is a highly nutritious meal that's perfect for serving to elderly care home residents .'It's a whole meal in a bowl' as stated by Head of Culinary Hospitality, Simon Lawrence. This makes it a great dish for people who experience loss of appetite, and it's also an excellent source of hydration. Plus, the smoky, salty, tomatoey flavour always goes down a storm! Watch the video to learn how to make it.

Nutrition in Aged Care_8.Braisedbeefcasserole_UFSAcademy

8. Braised Beef Casserole

Braised Beef Casserole is balanced, hydrating, and delicious, and it holds sentimental value for many older people. Culinary and Hospitality Manager, Gareth Cartledge, shows us how to create this nutritious, crowd-pleasing meal that heroes beef shin, wild mushrooms, carrots and swedes in this video. Watch it now!

Nutrition in Aged Care_9.Minifruitcrumblepies_UFSAcademy

9. Mini fruit crumble pies

Everyone loves a sweet treat, including your elderly care home residents. Treat them to something nutritious as well as delicious with these mini fruit crumble pies. Simon Lawrence, Head of Culinary Hospitality, shares great tips for making this tasty, appetite-stimulating dessert suitable for diabetics and movement-impaired residents. Watch now!