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Embrace this career-defining opportunity to showcase your craftsmanship, uncover your potential, and show the South African culinary community what you’re made of!

Show us how you redefine the boundaries of culinary excellence through Future Menu’s Low-Waste Menu trend!

It’s your time to shine in the ultimate culinary showdown!



Due to popular demand, entries have been extended! Fill in the entry form before 16 May for you chance to transform your career and become a champion of innovation!


  1. Submit Your Masterpieces: Competitors are required to submit 2 detailed recipes, a main dish and a dessert, including all ingredients, measurements, and step-by-step preparation instructions embracing the Low-Waste Menu trend. Each dish should include at least 2 Unilever Food Solutions products and a description of why your recipe embodies Low Waste menu's. Each participant must provide high-quality photographs of each of their completed dishes.
  2. The Regional Showdown: 6 Chefs will be selected per region to battle it out in the ultimate cook-off.
  3. The Crowning of Champions: The top 3 Chefs in each region will earn the title of winner, with prizes for second and third place as well.



Representative Chef: R20 000
Establishment: R5 000


Representative Chef: R15 000
Establishment: R5 000


Representative Chef: R10 000
Establishment: R5 000





1. These Terms

1.1. These Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions (which include the Promotional Competition Details) set out the basis for participating in the Promotional Competition identified below.
1.2. By entering or participating in the Promotional Competition you agree to these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions.
1.3. A Privacy Notice provided in connection with these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions should be regarded as part of these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions. 

2. Promotional Competition Details

Promoter Unilever South Africa (Pty) Limited;
Registered/Primary address: 15 Nollsworth Crescent, Nollsworth Park, La Lucia Ridge Office Estate, La Lucia, 4051;
Contact details:
Name: Phemelo Pule
Phone number: 0749910328;
Promotional Competition The Promotional Competition is called Future Menus 2024 Chef of the Year.
The Promotional Competition provides the chance to win great rewards, creating a compelling call to action for food service professionals (“Entrants”). Over the course of the Promotional Competition dates ‘’1st April 2024 and closes at 4pm on 16th May 2024’’. The Entrants must register on the Promoter’s website “”. Post registration, the Entrants will be able to enter the Promotional competition. 
Regional finalists to be notified by 21st May 2024. Which will then allow the finalists to compete at the final cook-off competition at the respective region.

The promotion Prizes for the participating Operator Representative Chef are as follows: 
1st Prize – R20 000.00
2nd Prize – R15 000.00
3rd Price – R10 000.00

All Operators that qualify for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded an amount R5 000.00 Each.

The Prize(s) includes digital delivery via email and the winners will be required to provide the Promoter with a valid email address to receive the Prize(s).

Selecting Winner(s)
Number of winner(s): 3 winners, 

Date of selection of winner(s): 
Durban - 28 May 2024 
Gauteng – 04 June 2024
Western Cape - 25 June 2024 

Determining Prize Winner(s): The winners will be selected through a panel judgement by professional Chefs, based on the participants performance outcome and meeting the requirements to participate in the Promotional Competition;

Method of allocation where multiple Prize(s): Winners will be presented on a live stage during the Regional Future Menus launch at the respective region on the stipulated date;

Basis of re-allocation if a Prize is not claimed, the Prize(s) will become invalid;

Tie-breaker (if required): Not applicable;

Entrant Requirements
Min age: 18 year(s);
Country of residence: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe;
Other: The participant must be a foodservice professional, i.e., a chef, employed by a registered Foodservice Operator;

Excluded Entrants Any of the following:

1. Agents, distributors and other organisations commercially connected to the Promoter;
2. Employees and directors of the Promoter, including their families and co-habitors;
3. Shareholders in the Promoter;

Entry Instructions

1. Call to action: Cook and submit recipes to Unilever Food Solutions to enter a competition.
2. Participants will be required to submit their recipe(s) in a Microsoft word document with the picture(s) of their dishes online on The recipe must include at least 2 of the Unilever Food Solutions products. Participants should submit a Main dish and the Dessert recipe, and this should focus around one of the Unilever Food Solutions Future Menus trends (Low-Waste menu). 
3. Products valid for promotion:

Not applicable

Opening/Closing Date for Entries

Opening Date: 01 April 2024;

Closing Date: 16 May 2024;

Other Promotional Competition Requirements Not applicable;

Notification of Winning and Claiming Prizes

Notification of winning:

• Method – During a live event;
• Timing – Same day of the ;

Claiming Prizes:

• Method – Promoter will call the selected winners on the contact number provided by them during registration and confirm the email address shared by the Entrants and then send the Prize(s) over email;
• Timing - NA;

Purchase Required Not applicable;
Licence/Charity ref (if required) Not applicable;

3. Promotional Competition Basis

3.1. This Promotional Competition is:
a. open to those meeting the Entrant Requirements;
b. not open to those falling within the description of Excluded Entrants (even if they meet the Entrant Requirements).

3.2. You must follow the Entry Instructions.
3.3. You may only submit one entry, even where entering on behalf of others – these other persons/parties may not submit separate entries. The exception to this rule is where the Promotional Competition Details clearly and specifically allow multiple entries. Entries must not be automatically generated by computer or otherwise submitted on an inappropriate basis (for example using multiple names, email or social media accounts to enter).
3.4. You may only win one Prize, even where entering on behalf of others – only one Prize can be won by the group of persons/parties. The exception to this rule is where the Promotional Competition Details clearly and specifically allow multiple prizes to be won.
3.5. The Promoter may at any time extend, suspend or terminate the Promotional Competition on reasonable cause (which may or may not relate to an entrant).

4. Entries

4.1. Entries that (i) do not comply with these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions; or (ii) are incomplete, corrupted or late, may be rejected, disqualified, removed and/or deleted by the Promoter.
4.2. Your entry includes any materials provided as part of or in relation to that entry. Where entry to the Promotional Competition involves provision of written, recorded, pictorial or other material in electronic or other form, you must ensure your entry:
a. is (i) suitable for public access and in particular does not contain nudity, pornographic, religiously/culturally/politically insensitive or violent content; and (ii) not in breach of applicable laws;
b. does not contain or refer to any products or brands other than those of the Unilever group (unless such inclusion is entirely incidental, not prominent and is reasonably necessary due to the nature of the entry);
c. is your own work and does not contain any intellectual property of another party unless you have the necessary permissions for its provision and use, reproduction and other dealing in accordance with these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions (including Clause 4.3 below);
d. only contains someone’s name or likeness if they have provided written permission (permission from parents/legal guardians required for under 18s).
4.3. You grant the Promoter (i) ownership of any entry; and (ii) a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable right to use, reproduce, distribute, and make derivative works of your entry, in any media and through any media channel. You will not grant these rights to any other party.

5. Responsibility for Entries

5.1. If you are submitting an entry on behalf of more than one person/party (including on behalf of an organisation), you must ensure that you have authority to accept these terms on their behalf and ensure they comply with these terms.
5.2. You must comply with these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions and not otherwise unlawfully seek to misuse or tamper with the processes and rules of the Promotional Competition.
5.3. You must indemnify and defend the Promoter and other members of the Unilever group (including their respective directors, officers and employees) in respect of all liabilities, losses and damages of any kind resulting from your breach of these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions. The Promoter excludes responsibility for those liabilities, losses and damages, although nothing in these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions is intended to limit the Promoter’s liability for (i) fraud; (ii) intentional misconduct; or (iii) for death or personal injury caused by its negligence (including that of its employees and agents)).
5.4. You must indemnify and defend the Promoter and other members of the Unilever group (including their respective directors, officers and employees) in respect of any third party claim that your entry or its use in accordance with these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions breaches applicable laws, confidentiality obligations or intellectual property rights due to your breach of these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions.
5.5. The Promoter is not in any event responsible for:
a. entries lost, damaged or delayed as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind or any other event which is either unforeseen or outside of the Promoter’s direct reasonable control;
b. your costs of preparing or submitting an entry.

6. Winners

6.1. The winner(s) will be notified using the method and within the timing set out in the Promotional Competition Details.
6.2. The winner(s) must claim their Prize using the method and within the timing set out in the Promotional Competition Details. If the Prize is unclaimed after this time, the right to the Prize lapses and the Promoter may offer the Prize to a substitute winner selected in accordance with the method noted in the Promotional Competition Details (in the absence of specification, a fair basis which aligns closely with the winner selection method).
6.3. The Promoter may (at its discretion or where required by law) provide or publish details of the winner(s) (name and county). Requests for provision/publication should be sent to the Promoter contact details (as provided in the Promotional Competition Details above) no later than within ten weeks after the Promotional Competition closing date.
6.4. In the event of any uncertainty or difference of opinion regarding the administration of the Promotional Competition (including the award of Prizes), the decision of the Promoter is final (this does not remove any legal rights). 
6.5. No correspondence should be entered into between you and the Promoter, unless specifically requested by the Promoter.

7. Prizes

7.1. The Promoter may require proof of identity before releasing any Prize.
7.2. Statutory warranties apply but otherwise the Prizes are awarded ‘as is’ without any warranty, undertaking or guarantee.
7.3. The Promoter’s commitment is to make Prize(s) available in accordance with and subject to these terms. Consequently, each winner is responsible for any and all:
a. visas and permits;
b. fuel, consumables and accompanying items;
c. upkeep, licence renewals and ongoing or periodic requirements;
d. taxes and other such personal liabilities; and
e. matters of physical fitness and capability,
as well as any other ancillary matters required for, or arising from, receipt, use or enjoyment of the Prizes.
7.4. Winners must adhere to any third party terms, such as event organiser terms, which apply to the Prize (these will be made available on request).
7.5. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize for an alternative of equal or greater value. The Promoter is under no obligation to offer a cash alternative.
7.6. If your entry is subsequently disqualified, any Prize granted must be returned at your cost or compensation provided where return is no longer possible.

8. Publicity

8.1. Winner(s) will, at the Promoter’s reasonable request, participate in publicity relating to this Promotional Competition. This may include winner(s) being filmed, photographed and/or interviewed by the Promoter or on its behalf.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. Unless expressly stated by the Promoter in the written Promotional Competition materials, this Promotional Competition is in no way sponsored or endorsed by any third party.
9.2. If other language versions of these terms are also made available, the English language version takes precedence in the event of any inconsistency.
9.3. Each provision in these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions is severable. If any provision is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court or other competent authority, that invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the remainder of these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions.

10. Governing Law and Disputes

10.1. This Promotional Competition (including these Promotional Competition Terms & Conditions and any related dispute) is governed by and will be interpreted according to the laws of the country in which the Promoter has its registered or primary address as stated in the Promotional Competition Details, except to the extent of mandatory laws applicable due to the location or nature of the Promotional Competition, Prize or relevant entrant.

10.2. Without restricting anyone from seeking injunctions or other temporary relief in a competent court, if a dispute arises the courts of the country in which the Promoter has its registered or primary address as stated in the Promotional Competition Details will resolve the issue, except to the extent you have the right to resolve a dispute in the courts of other jurisdictions due to the location or nature of the Promotional Competition, Prize or relevant entrant.