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Fillet Steak:

  • Beef Fillet 2.5 kg

For the Shiraz Onion Sauce:


  1. Fillet Steak:

    • Cook the steaks to the desired liking.

  2. For the Shiraz Onion Sauce:

    • Cook the onions slowly in the balsamic vinegar until caramelised, then add the brown sugar.
    • Add the Shiraz and reduce by half.
    • Add the thyme and stir.
    • Add the hot made-up Knorr Classic Brown Sauce Gravy as per the packaging instructions, stir and allow the flavours to infuse.

  3. To Serve:

    • Pour the sauce over the steak, garnish with dried red onion slices and serve.

  4. Serving suggestion:

    • GRIND ME DOWN Mash AND carrots just got pickled.