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  • Anchovy fillets 10 g
  • Lemon, juice of 1 lemon 100 g
  • Cheese, Parmesan grated 45 ml
  • Croutons 100 g
  • Lettuce, Romaine, leaves seperated 20 g
  • Eggs, large (class A),boiled and sliced into quarters 1 pc
  • Cherry tomatoes (rinsed and halved), halved 10 g
  • Cheese, Parmesanshaved 5 g
  1. Salad:

    • Grill the chicken until fully cooked with seasoning of choice.
    • Peel the garlic clove and cut in half. Rub the base and sides of the serving bowl with the garlic and set aside.
    • Place the eggs into boiling water and boil for 4minutes, refresh immediately into cold water and peel.
    • Place the slices of avacado in a solution of lemon juice and water, so as not to discolour
    • In a mixing bowl mix together, with half of the Parmesan cheese the dressing ingredients ,with the egg and seasonwith salt and pepper to taste.
    • Assemble the salad by mixing the dressing through the leaves, and placing in the serving bowl, sprinkle over the remaining parmesan and croutons, grilled chicken and finally the avocado.