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  • Locally farmed Kabeljou (filleted) 400.0 g

For Carbonara Mousse:

  • Salt 1.0 ml
  • Cream 100.0 ml
  • Egg yolk 100.0 g

For the peas:

  • Onions (roughly chopped) 50.0 g
  • Olive oil 10.0 ml
  • Fresh shelled peas or baby frozen peas 250.0 g

For the Asparagus:

  • Asparagus 4.0 pc

To finish the plate:

  • Pecorino Cheese 40.0 g
  1. Kabeljou:

    • cut 4 portions of fish
  2. For Carbonara Mousse:

    • Mix the egg yolk and cream, and cook up to 80 C in a pot.
    • Add salt and pepper and place in a charged cream gun
  3. For the peas:

    • Stir fry peas in a pan with olive oil, taste for salt & pepper.
  4. For the Asparagus:

    • Peel the asparagus, steam for 4 minutes in a combi oven and place in iced water
  5. To finish the plate:

    • Cook the John Dory in a pan with little oil. Put the cream gun into a hot water bath.
    • Grill asparagus.
    • Place the fish on a plate adding the carbonara mousse , warm peas, asparagus and then complete with hazelnut oil and a sprinkling of pecorino
    • makes 2 servings