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  • Onions, red(thinly sliced) 200 g
  • Rice wine vinegar 25 ml
  • Beef, minced(125g per burger) 500 g
  • Onions(finely diced) 25 g
  • Parsley, fresh, chopped(chopped) 2 g
  • Bread crumbs 25 g
  • Eggs, large (class A) 1 pc

To make the dressing:

To assemble the burger:

  • Goats Cheese(crumbled) 80 g
  • Salad pack (lettuce)(mixed herbs salad leaves) 40 g
  • Streaky bacon(2 strips per portion, grilled) 300 g
  1. Burger:

    • Mix the red onion and rice vinegar together and allow to marinate for 30minutes.
    • In a bowl, mix together the beef mince, Knorr Beef Stock Granules, Robertsons Barbecue Spice, diced onion, chopped parsley, dried breadcrumbs and egg. Divide into 4 portions and shape into burger patties.
  2. To make the dressing:

    • In a bowl, mix together the Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise, peppadews and Knorr Sweet Chilli Sauce.
    • Slice the 4 burger buns open and toast.
    • Mix the mashed avocado and lemon juice together.
  3. To assemble the burger:

    • Place the avocado on the base of the burger with the grilled streaky bacon and beef patty.
    • Top the burger with the goat cheese, dressing, marinated red onion and mixed salad leaves.