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  1. Method:

    • Pre-heat the oven to 160 °C.
    • Add the 6 teabags to the boiling water (break open 3 teabags) and allow to infuse for 15 minutes. Remove the teabags.
    • In a heavy-based pot, fry off the lamb riblets in batches. Remove from the pot and set aside.
    • Using the same pot, fry off the onions in the leftover oil and add the Chinese five spice blend and bay leaves – fry for 1 minute. Add the lamb back to the pot and mix well.
    • Whisk the Joko Rooibos and Knorr Demi-Glace together and add to the lamb mixture. Stir and pour into a roasting tray, cover tightly with foil and cook for 2 hours.