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A deliciously creamy, smoky paprika chicken pasta, with mushrooms and a crispy chorizo crumble. Seasoned with Robertsons Smoked Paprika for an authentic smoky flavour. Ah, that comfort food!



  1. Method

    1. Boil the pasta al dente. 
    2. In a pan, dry fry the chorizo sausage until crispy and put onto a paper towel, crumble or chop and set aside. Reserve 100 ml of the oil from the pan. 
    3. In a pan, heat the leftover chorizo oil and fry the cubed chicken with Robertsons Smoked Paprika and the 10 g Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Granules. 
    4. Sauté the onions in the butter/oil combo until soft and translucent. 
    5. Add the sliced mushrooms and thyme sprigs. 
    6. Add the crushed garlic. 
    7. To make the sauce: add in the cream and 750 ml of the milk and bring to a boil. 
    8. In a pot, mix together the remaining 250 ml cold milk with Knorr Professional White Sauce Powder, add to pot and stir. 
    9. Simmer sauce for 3 min. 
    10. Add crushed black pepper and 10 g Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Granules. 
    11. Add in cooked pasta and cooked chicken and taste for extra seasoning. 
    12. Toss in chopped parsley. 
    13. Serve with chorizo crumble and parmesan cheese.