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Brown rice:

  • Brown rice(Water as required) 500.0 g


Cauli & chickpea mix:



  • Carrots(top and tail and peeled) 200.0 g

Cajun mayo:

A light and refreshing bowl loaded with a rainbow of vegetables on a bed of brown rice, with a cajun mayo made with Robertons Cajun Spice. Top it with toasted Pecan nuts for that extra crunch, seal, and serve!



  1. Brown rice:

    • Rinse the brown rice under cold water, pour into a pot and add the water. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and allow to cook for 30 min or until soft.
    • Remove from the heat, drain and rinse under cold water. Set aside to drain excess water.
  2. Slaw:

    • Mix together all the ingredients and set aside.
  3. Cauli & chickpea mix:

    • Toss the oil, cauliflower, Robertsons Paprika Spice, Robertsons Steak & Chop Spice and chickpeas together.
    • Heat a pan and fry for 5 min, always tossing. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  4. Guacamole:

    • Slice the avocado in half, mash or blend in a liquidiser.
    • Add the Hellmann's Tangy Mayonnaise.
    • Mix well.
  5. Carrots:

    • Using a vegetable peeler, slice the carrots into ribbons (strips) and cover in cold water until needed.
  6. Cajun mayo:

    • Mix together the Hellmann’s Tangy Mayonnaise and Robertsons Cajun Spice and leave to stand for flavours to improve.
  7. Building the Bowl:

    Toasted sunflower seeds (optional)
    Edible flowers or fresh herbs (optional)
    • Use the picture as a guide, fill the poke bowl with cooked brown rice creating a base.
    • Followed by the slaw, cauli and chickpea mix, guacamole and carrots. Top with the dressing, garnish with edible flowers/fresh herbs and toasted sunflower seeds.
    • Seal and serve.
  8. Chef’s tip!

    • For an extra crunch add roughly chopped toasted pecan nuts to the cajun mayo.