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  1. Method:

    • Mix together Robertsons MediumRajah, Knorr Professional Aromat and ground cumin to coat the chicken. Heat oil in pan and fry chicken until cooked.
    • Combine Hellmann’s Tangy Mayonnaise and coriander. Set aside.
    • Combine salad mix (tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion). Deep fry the chips until crispy and put them on a roller towel to drain any excess oil. Sprinkle with Robertsons Chip and Potato Seasoning.
    • Add the chicken dressing to the fried chicken and mix together. Cut each French loaf into 5 equal portions, then cut the bread open but not all the way through. Take a spoonful of the salad mixture and place a layer on a roll, followed by a spoonful of chicken mix, followed by deep fried chips and a squeeze of Knorr Professional Sweet Chilli Sauce. Wrap in greaseproof paper and package in a sandwich container.
  2. Chef's Tips:

    • Turn it into a veggie Gatsby by adding roasted vegetables. Instead of using French loaves, use quarter loaves and fill with same suggested fillings. Protein Tip: Replace the chicken with beef strips.