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Subject: Unilever Food Solutions Sustainability Efforts - Scoop Removal


Dear Valued Customer,

As part of the broader Unilever business, Food Solutions South Africa has firm commitments of doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner. As such, we have embarked on a journey to continuously find solutions that are better for the planet. One of the efforts is to continuously find alternative forms of plastic that could be reused and, we have an ambition to reduce our overall plastic footprint. Considering such stretching ambitions, as a business we are committed to demonstrating our commitment to achieving these goals.

As part of the initial process, we have identified some products in the UFS South African portfolio where we can reduce our plastic footprint. As such, and considering our sustainability efforts, this letter serves as notice of the latest developments in this regard as our goal is to half our plastic waste by 2025.

Effective from the 13th of December 2023, we will remove the plastic scoops from our 1.6 kg Knorr soups range (8 variants – Brown Onion, Mushroom, Chicken, Minestrone, Thick Veg, oxtail, Hearty Beef and Tomato), Knorr sauces (Demi-Glace, Cheese, Mushroom, Jus), Knorr Base Sauces (Brown and White) and Knorr Roast Onion Gravy.  Consequently, all stock of these products supplied to you following this date may not contain any scoops.  In parallel, we are busy updating the relevant affected product labels to remove the reference to the ‘scoop added’. In the interim you may receive some stock of these products still reflecting this information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we value doing business in a sustainable manner and will continue to step up our efforts. Should you wish to get in touch with us, send us an email at

Thank you.

Kind regards,
UFS Team